Pourquoi un label traçabilité ?Identification pedigree

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    - S ince 1982, the DESTREL company has set up a high performance système of pedigree lists, in order to attest the products' origine.

This system, according to the standards in force, is split up as follows :

As soon as they are born they are TIP-TAGGED and are recorded in a lambing book or sheepfold registre.

Identification traçabilité

    Later, on leaving the farm, a delivery note will be drawn
up showing the breeder's code, date of sale, delivery hour, number of lambs as well as their TIP-TAG number.

Identification traçabilité

Identification traçabilité
     -Arriving at the slaughterhouse, the animals are sorted into separate groups. The entrance into the shed has a slaughter number and this number also indicates the breeder's and grouping's code, the allocated lot number, the date and the weighing number of the animal.

     -The fiscal weighing is followed by an individual weighing form which includes all the above information, as well as the weight and classification of the animal. A ticket is issued and placed on the carcass.

    At the point of sale of both carcasses and cuts, a pedigree form includes all necessary information, i.e. :place of slaughtering, carcass weight, classification and name of breeder.
This synthetic form accompanies the group up to its final point of sale.

Register of Origin/Pedigree

Customer's code: 220 LEC ORTHEZ
Delivery date : : 21/05/97

Weighing N°
Lot N°
Name of Breeder
1401420011653CASSAN P18.38
1401399011616CHASSAGNE BERNADETTE18.62
1401424011649EARL DE LESCOT LAURE17.74
1401405011648EARL DE LESCOT LAURE18.77

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