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The Lamb

- The breed of Caussenarde and its cross breeds of O, R, and even U classification has the advantage in having a " light rose " meat promising an incomparable flavour and a discreet and subtle taste.
- Destrel company has developed into a specialist exclusively to promote this meat. L'Agneau Fermier du Quercy (Farm Lamb of Quercy) has thus gained a solid reputation of fine taste and quality.

Authenticity, security, and transparency are our key
Tasting the Agneau Fermier du Quercy confirms its high quality ! ! !

Our products :

Red Label :

  • -Farm lamb of Quercy

National brands :

  • Lamb of our shepherds
  • Lamb of butcher's traditional quality


Channel brands :

  • - Occitan Lamb (cc)
Companies brands :
  • Cazelles lamb
  • Organic lamb (to order)
  • Kids
  • Milk lambs
  • Lambkins
  • Ritual slaughtering
Sheep :
  • Ewes of class U, R, or O, weight between 20 and 35 kg.
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