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More about Lambs

    T he lamb meat is a source of animal proteins balanced in indispensable amino acids and is characterised by a significant provision of iron, zinc and vitamins, in particular B12 and PP.
Lipids : there are some cuts which have a moderate content in lipids (like the leg, 9 %), however, the lamb is an energising meat with a value of 15%.
Please pay attention to this fact : Before saying that the lamb is too fat, we have to make some comparisons :
- Take a portion of 100 g saddle of roast lamb which has a lipid content of 16 g. It has no more lipids than 70 g brioche, 60 g cheese crackers, 60 g chouquettes, 40 g butter puff pastry...If you serve it with green beans, flageolets, semolina, chickpeas ....., your farm lamb of Quercy will enhance your meals greatly. You want to know more ? Please have a look on our little questionary on lambs

Selected pieces

Do you know that the rear leg of the lamb, le gigot, got its name from the famous cook , Taillevent?
He gave this name to this meat because it has the form of a gigue, a musical instrument which looks like a mandoline.
- Synonymous with haunch, the jig in turn refers to the leg of a kid or a deer.

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